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I normally don't do stuff like this, but while waiting for itunes and mircosoft word to upgrade and a break from editing, I figured I'd replace the outdated negative journal I got with something more fun. Thank… for tagging, so lets do this.

1. If you were to suddenly be sucked into any tv show/movie/anime/video game, which would it be and what role would you play as?
2. The apocolypse has come! What was the cause of it? Where are you in this situation?
3. What would you be like in an AU where everyone is the opposite of who they are here?
4. Do you prefer Chocolate or Vanilla sweets?
5. If you were to be any character, animal, or creature you wanted to be (including mythical, extinct, or tv/book characters), who/what would you be and why?
6. Would you rather have fingerless gloves but no hands or have hands but no fingers?
7. Choose one: Fight or Mercy
8. Weapon of choice?
9. I'm getting bored now (okay not a question but here: Thoughts on video games that are good to play but the fandom is f-ing creepy about?)
10. If you had a theme song, what would it be and why?
11. Would you rather be someone remembers for one huge mistake you did and call you out on it even though you have tried to fix said mistake, or a "nobody" who does significantly great things yet no one thinks to give you credit for them?
12. Have you ever felt like you've failed the person you love and care for the most?
13. we go! Would you rather be forced into a marriage where your husband/wife is a snobby asshole and cheats on you a lot and puts you down quite often, or be single and fall in love with a married man/women and know it will never be you they are happy with spending their lives with?

My answers:
1. My little pony. Cliched but I feel like I need an overly nice and simple world at this point in my life. I'd be a film editor, like I'm trying to be now, but as film as a relatively new medium in Equestria, I'd be somewhat of a pioneer in the field.
2. Trump is president, pisses everyone off and world war three decimates the planet. Unfortunately, with my track record, I'd probably not figure out what was happening due to my obliviousness and dislike of the news and die in the first nuclear blast.
3. I'd probably be more driven and motivated, but also more cruel, greedy and mean spirited.
4. Chocolate all the way.
5. Ooh. Thoughy. Um... at this point . . . I'll just be a cat so I can just chill and not worry so much.
6. I assume this means "Fingers and no hands OR hands an no fingers". I'll keep the fingers. I can handle being a weird levitating disembodied fingered freak as long as I can still grab things easily.
7. Mercy. Too nice and/or cowardly to fight.
8. A simple dagger. Gets the job done, designs can be varied and cool, and can be easily hidden.
9. FNAF is getting a bit bizarre as is Undertale, but I still enjoy them. It takes an insane amount of weirdness to scare me off from a fandom, and even then, I can still just ignore it.
10. Pale by Within Temptation. I'm at a crossroads and the thing holding me back is myself. Its a scary place to be, but I really need to pull myself forward.
11. Um. None of the above? lol but I guess, doing good with no credit. Better to do consistent good I say.
12. Yes.
13. Oh god. Again, none of the above. But if I must chose, Single and an unrequited love. At least you have a chance of finding love with a different person.

Okay. Time to make questions for the poor saps I tag.

1. Spirit animal?
2. Favorite song at the moment.
3. Favorite ship from your top three fandoms at the moment.
4. You must evacuate your home in five minutes! What five things do you save, not including other humans?
5. Pick your favorite, yet flawed series. You have the power to change one aspect of it you weren't satisfied with. What do you change and why?
6. You can enhance one of your senses. Which do you pick and why?
7. Animal you can't stand, no matter what anybody says.
8. Favorite starter pokemon type? (Don't know pokemon? Favorite element)
9. Rich and unhappy or Poor and happy?
10. Favorite season?
11. The most "famous" person you've met?
12. Favorite way to travel?
13. Be honest with this. Do you sometimes snap and aren't as nice as you should be at employees in retail/food service? (And if you answer yes to this, do me a favor and thank the next employee who helps you out sincerely. We appreciate it more than you think, even if we don't show it.)

And I tag,  and

Sorry, and have fun!

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Tanta26 Featured By Owner May 16, 2016
Hey there! Do you by any chance do customs? I would love some warrior cats, as I have trouble designing them :)
ktCATSbone Featured By Owner May 16, 2016
Wow. been a long time since someones asked for warriors from me. Sure I could take a crack at it.
In terms of price, I'd say it depends on if you want a drawing from me or lineart, and on how many you want
Tanta26 Featured By Owner May 16, 2016
Could you use lineart for them please? I was thinking about maybe 6 cats? :)
ktCATSbone Featured By Owner May 16, 2016
Ok then.
How does 5 points apiece and it would be nice to see some pics of when their done?
And if that is satisfactory, any name, personality, color or gender preference for any of them?
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ktCATSbone Featured By Owner Edited Mar 31, 2016
Not particularly.
You've been getting so much hate that no one seems to remember that there is a person behind the comments.
I just thought maybe you'd like someone to talk to that won't scream obscenities.
If I'm wrong, then I'm sorry I bothered you.
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ktCATSbone Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016
Unless your name is Adolf Hitler or Osma bin Laden, I doubt that's true.
But even I'll admit I don't fully understand what you're intent is.
Could you explain it to me in layman's terms?
CrescentMyst Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2016  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Ahhhh, this is so late, but happy birthday! I hope you had a nice day dear~ Q v Q <333
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